Heather B


Hailing from the south, Ganja Vibes President and CEO Heather Schnurr, established Ganja Vibes in 2011 to indulge in two of her most throbbing passions: sex and cannabis. Affectionately known as “Heather B” on the streets of Houston, Texas, she has celebrated freedom, sexuality and cannabis culture for decades. Heather has researched and developed an entirely unique and authentic niche within adult novelty for her beloved, the Cannabis Community. This product line embraces it all. Having been a long time activist in the Sex Positive (+), Women's Rights and Cannabis cultures, Heather insists this Cannabis Sexual Revolution will no doubt play a role in realigning the psychology behind what the populous believe to be god given rights and, in turn, aid in legalization. Through Ganja Vibes, Heather B is taking sexuality and cannabis culture to new heights, one adult lifestyle product at a time.

"I  enjoy using my Mary Jane Vibrator to massage my jaw when I clench at night. I like to massage my entire face when I have a migraine and also place it under the nape of my neck to soothe pain. I love to use it for intimate, triple stimulation play whenever I'm too far from my lover. I'm most excited to use my Mary Jane Vibrator with my lover in all kinds of fun ways! Tell me, how do you like to use your Mary Jane Vibrator?" – Heather B