Product FAQs

Mary Jane Vibrator FAQs

 What is unique about the Mary Jane Vibrator?

2-in-1 waterproof design allows for epic versatility while in play. Remove the toy from it's packaging, add 2 AA batteries, roll the ignition wheel up and explore all of the pleasure possibilities. Ganja sleeve and pleasure egg vibrator are waterproof and submergible.

How to use the pleasure egg alone:

Apply lubricant to the bottom entrance of the ganja sleeve. Wait a few moments for the lube to work its way into the sleeve, then squeeze from the center of the sleeve (like you would a tube of toothpaste) to extract the pleasure egg vibrator to use the egg alone. Pleasure egg vibrator is waterproof and submergible. Remote is water resistant only, do not submerge remote.

NOTE: Never try to extract the pleasure egg without lube, or by pulling on the cord. Damage to the toy could occur in either case, so please use the above recommended method.

The Mary Jane Vibrator has a custom water resistant remote controller. DO NOT SUBMERGE or get battery ends wet.

Equipped with a 4ft durable cord for stronger intensity and reach around possibilities. Experience fun partner play at it's finest.

Easily roll-up the ignition wheel for smooth 3 speeds of intensity.

Keep it on the down low with quiet and discreet operation.

Ganja Sleeve is made of body safe TPR materials.

Mary Jane Vibrator pleasure egg vibrator and hand controller made of body safe ABS materials.


How do I control the Mary Jane Vibrator?

The Mary Jane Vibrator is hooked up with a plush custom hand controller, styled with a spinning ignition wheel located at the top of its remote. Simply roll the wheel up and down to find your desired level of intensity.


How long is the cord length for the Mary Jane Vibrator?

The Mary Jane Vibrator has a durable 4 foot long cord.


What are the various vibrations modes for the Mary Jane Vibrator?

3 speeds of intensity (low, medium, high)


How can I use the Mary Jane Vibrator with my partner?

Get ready to elevate your partner play experiences with your Mary Jane Vibrator. This ultra powerful yet, un-intimidating vibrator sparks up cheeky fun. No matter if your clothes are still on or all you're adorned with is sweet skunky smoke rings, a good time is what Ganja Vibes ushers into any playtime. Use any of the ganja blades to stimulate any of you or your partners erogenous zones. Let your imagination run wild and share your best ideas with us! Tickle each others tantalizing bits while teasing. Reach around and let Mary Jane accompany your ride in the front, back or undercarriage depending on your gymnastic ability and drive to take your desires higher. The ganja sleeve and interior egg are great for both penetration and exterior clitoral stimulation. 


Which parts of the Mary Jane Vibrator can be inserted?

The Mary Jane Vibrator ganja sleeve and internal egg are both safe for insertion and are constructed with body safe TPR & ABS material.


Do I need to sterilize the Mary Jane Vibrator?

Although it is not necessary, you may rinse the toy with soapy water or your toy cleaning agent of choice, pat to dry. Ganja Vibes novelties are produced with virgin materials, then sterilized and packaged in high quality controlled manufacturing facilities. 


Where should I store my Mary Jane Vibrator?

Store your MJV in the included silky satin green bag and in a cool, dry place. 


What kind of power source does the Mary Jane Vibrator require?

Two AA batteries to power the Mary Jane Vibrator. Replace batteries or recharge batteries when necessary.


Can I buy replacement part for my Mary Jane Vibrator?

 While removable ganja sleeves will be available for purchase soon, replaceable parts for Mary Jane Vibrator are not currently available.

 The Mary Jane Vibrator is backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

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