Steve Guttenberg receives Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Steve Guttenberg, star of “Diner,” “Three Men and a Baby” and the “Police Academy” movies, is getting a star today on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Appropriately, it will be placed in front of the Police Activities League on Hollywood Blvd. (CBS Los Angeles) The Gutte does have his vices. “I indulge in wine, and I love vodka, I do,” he said. “And I love scotch, you know. And I love weed. And I love women. “If I feel lousy, I’ll do what the next president of the United States did: smoke a joint,” he said. “It’s documented in his book. I’ll go into a bar and down two beers. I’ll go out with women, because it’ll make me feel better. Read more at ONTD:

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