All of the hard work our service women and men do allow us the freedoms we exercise every day in our great country, the United States of America. Collectively, we remember and honor these amazing people who looked beyond themselves for the greater good today. Without them, we the citizens would not be able to live with minds and hearts wide open, so full of love and abundance. Since they do such a fantastic job, as we coexist together, expand in ways you've always wanted:

Become a Freedom Fighter

May 27, 2011 By 
When I think back, sure there were decisions I made and steps I took – but it all really began with starting to fight for my freedom. Read on carefully because this could mean the difference between living your life always feeling like you have missed your best or living life to your full personal potential…..and beyond.People often ask me, how did I transform myself from an everyday, conservative executive into being super fit, a surf chic, world traveler, fitness model and business owner?
The dictionary defines a freedom fighter as anyone who fights for the cause of freedom. Usually we hear the term in reference to armed forces or resistance movements fighting for political freedom. But today, we are talking about your personal freedom; the right to live out your life as the real person you are, free from past bad experiences, stifling social expectations, physical limitations, materialism and debt. Maybe sitting where you are today this sounds like a pie in the sky dream. Maybe you are at work in a job you hate, at home in your baggies listening to the kids watching TV, maybe it’s late at night after getting home (again) from a long exhausting day, maybe you just got dealt a big disappointment or maybe you just can’t shake that feeling…there must be something better. I am here to tell you there is. It all starts with simply realizing – no matter where you are today you have the freedom to think how you wish. No one “owns” what goes on inside your head; your thoughts are your property. And the right thoughts will lead to better decisions and then to life changing actions. So get ready to starting thinking a little differently. Emotional Freedom
You have the right to be happy, enjoy good feelings, be loved and love. Begin to let go of past bad experiences that are undermining your sense of self-worth. Refuse to allow doubt and fear rule your life. Don’t let the past keep stealing from your present and your future. You don’t have to accept controlling and manipulative relationships as “normal”. You are valuable and important and believing someone that tells you any different is allowing yourself to be emotional imprisoned. There are many people who have come through horrific experiences and gone on to lead tremendously fulfilling lives. Be inspired by them, be courageous.

Physical Freedom

Whether it’s being overweight, unfit or unwell you don’t have to accept your current condition. You deserve to feel great, full of energy, strong and alive! Start where you are at today by taking one small step. Maybe you need to see your doctor about that nagging problem or just getting a check up for the first time in years. Maybe you need to cut back on the alcohol or give up smoking. Get that gym membership you’ve been thinking about and sacrifice a little in other areas so you can afford it. You will thank yourself for it down the track.

Sexual Freedom

It’s doesn’t matter if you’ve been married 20 years or been single 20 years – we all have a deep need to express ourselves sexually. Just “going through the motions” isn’t good enough. And sex just isn’t about your body, it’s about what goes on inside your head. What turns you on……no I mean, really turns you on. The answer for each of us will be different, but just thinking about it will start to make you feel… Sexual freedom just isn’t about “sex”..…it’s about getting in touch with the real you at your deepest level, your erotic self. It may be scary expressing those feelings and desires for the first time but it will be exhilarating. And you may be surprised where it may lead. At a minimum you will feel a new level of empowerment that will flow into other areas of your life.

Financial Freedom

Many of our financial systems are designed to imprison you with debt and very little savings. Credit cards, loans, taxes and disincentives to work harder. And we allow bad financial habits to dominate; emotional spending, keeping up with the Joneses, being wasteful for no reason (which is different to enjoying luxury) and refusing to sacrifice something today to save up for something better tomorrow (delayed gratification). Start with just one area of your finances and make a change. Begin keeping a monthly budget to track where your personal spending goes. Start a special savings account (just for you). No matter what your status, single, married, divorced or widowed, you need your own personal financial plan and resources. It is a very important part of your freedom fighter journey. Freedom for Life Being a freedom fighter means resisting the forces at work in the world that are trying to imprison you. It may be past bad experiences, a current abusive relationship, feeling miserable at work, being a slave to a secret bad habit or allowing people tell you what to do and who you should be. But fighting for your freedom doesn’t just mean freedom from bad influences and situations. It also means, fighting for your right to be happy, feel amazing, be physically fulfilled on all levels and free to follow your own life path, your aspirations and dreams. Your personal life happiness is worth fighting for no matter who you are, where you are or what your circumstances. Start being a freedom fighter today. Become a Freedom Fighter | Belinda Benn.

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