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Celebrity Pot Heads

Matthew McConaughey - In 1999, Matthew was arrested in Austin, Texas and charged with possession of marijuana. The best part? He was ratted out by a neighbor complaining of loud music coming from his house. When the cops arrived to check out the situation, they found Matthew dancing around naked, high as a kite, playing the bongo drums. Classic McConaughey! http://youtu.be/jS30OfLFbRM As we've pointed out before, Woody Harrelson - It doesn't take a genius to say Woody is into pot. He's a longtime vegan, hippie and activist for the legalization of marijuana and hemp. James Franco and Seth Rogen shared a prop (or was it?) joint on stage at the 2008 MTV Movie Awards in front of the crowd. The two also starred in the stoner movie Pineapple Express, and could have quite possibly been stoned throughout the filming. Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore- These two best buddies were seen sharing a joint while on the beach in Hawaii a few years ago. Why not relax ocean side with your best friend under giant beach hats while puffing and passing, right? Maybe because you are famous and are bound to end up on the cover of Us Weekly, with the joint in hand. Both girls have been enjoying marijuana for a while- Drew started smoking at age 10 and Cameron said she spent most of her teenage years "smoking and surfing".
Nicole Richie - Prior to her arrest in 2007 for driving the wrong way on the on-ramp in Los Angeles, Nicole admitted to having smoked pot. Lesson learned here? Don't drive high if you're a celebrity because you're not only endangering the lives of others but you are bound to be caught and your mistake will be plastered all over the tabloids.
Mariah Carey - Although Mariah never publically admitted to smoking weed, she has referenced it a few times in her songs. In her hit song, "It's Like That" she says, "purple taking me higher, I'm lifted and I like it." Hmmmm…
Charlize Theron- After Charlize's Oscar win, she decided to celebrate by smoking marijuana. But she didn't just indulge in a joint or a regular pipe; she got crafty and smoked out of an apple. That's right, you can eat your fruit and smoke it too.
Mischa Barton - Even though she was charged with a DUI in 2007, Mischa was recently spotted cruising around Los Angeles puffin' on something that didn't quite look like a cigarette. And it's not the first time the paparazzi have snapped her mid-puff. You'd think she'd learn to at least do it in private.
source: http://www.starpulse.com/news/Erin_Demchak/2010/02/23/celebrity_pot_heads_in_honor_of_national

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