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Danzig (Jeff Ditchfield) is one of Europe’s leading medical marijuana pioneers and author of a leading book on the cultivation of cannabis.  He has lectured on the subject at The Royal College of General Practitioners in London and John Moores University.  He founded Bud Buddies, a medicinal cannabis supply organisation which operated in the UK from 2002 to 2007.  His new incarnation of Bud Buddies is a much smaller operation.  Producing cannabis oil is very intensive and it takes a lot of weed.   A few words of introduction from Danzig himself “After cultivating many of your fine genetics over the years it is great to be working with you all at Dutch Passion and I’m very excited about the ongoing development of the new high CBD strains. I am currently growing the CBD Crew Skunk Haze (supplied by Dutch Passion) and it should produce cannabis oil with a cannabinoid ratio of 1:1 THC/CBD, I think this will make a very useful medicinal extract. I am currently out in Spain and over the rest of this year I will be reporting on the progress of our medicinal grows and how to make some simple cannabis preparations.  I am also working with the very knowledgeable cannabis Author Mel Thomas on a new book which will cover the medicinal and nutritional benefits of cannabis and cannabinoids.”
 Sativex (legal cannabis extract) & Danzigs home-made cannabis oil extracted from Dutch Passion Master Kush. Q- Question from Dutch Passion - What is the most important medical cannabis message you can give? To be independent of dealers and expensive dispensaries!  Due to the irrational worldwide prohibition of cannabis it is very difficult to obtain cannabis even for the most serious of medical conditions. Only by growing your own plants and making your own medical preparations can you become self-sufficient and this I feel is the most important message I can give. “Give a person a bud and they can medicate for a day, teach a person to grow and they can medicate for life”   Q- What are the next steps for the medical marijuana community? Medical cannabis groups and scenes throughout the world are very diverse and they are all operating under different restrictions and difficulties. My priority at the moment is networking and exchanging medicinal experiences and knowledge. I feel that it is important for medical cannabis advocates and activists to initiate contact with the Scientific and Medical communities and enter into a dialogue with them. Q- Is CBD as important as some people say? I think CBD has been an unappreciated cannabinoid and it is good news that the medicinal properties of CBD are finally being recognised. Academic peer reviewed studies have shown that CBD can be very effective in treating a number of medical conditions and that it has an effect on the psychoactive properties of THC. I think that ultimately CBD will become as important to the medicinal community as THC. Q-Is there any particular area of medical usage that is of special interest? Making cannabis preparations is my first passion and at the moment I’m working on all aspects of medical usage for the upcoming book and hopefully over the coming months Mel Thomas and I will show how patients can make their own simple effective cannabis preparations.
 Recommended reading !  Danzig’s book available in English & Spanish Q- Where next for cannabinoid medicine? I think that the future of cannabinoid medicines lies with concentrated cannabis preparations like Cannabinoid Concentrated Oil (aka Rick Simpson Oil) people are reporting remarkable results for this Cannabis based medical extract (CBME) when they have taken it to combat their cancer. In the coming months we at Bud Buddies I hope to have one of our medicinal oils tested in a Laboratory and we will continue to report on their effectiveness in our ongoing trials. We are currently assisting people who are suffering with relapsing MS, Diabetes II, Prostate Cancer, Lung Cancer, Brain Tumour and Bladder Cancer. *** Dutch Passion wish Danzig all the best with his medical work as he seeks a scientifically founded re-discovery of cannabis as a medicine.  He works with limited resources but is keen to draw as much attention as he can to the medical uses of cannabis.  As Dutch Passion continue our work into CBD, and other varieties, we will be keeping him well stocked in seeds.  And as long as the Spanish sun keeps shining his work will continue. Whilst Danzig is a keen supporter of the ‘self sufficient’ medical cannabis grower he is also very keen to see professional medical studies into cannabis; something he believes would give conclusive proof that cannabis has been medicines best kept secret for the last 100 years. Finally we have an appeal for people willing to help in a medical marijuana survey.  Please could you mail Des Humphrey ( if you are a registered Bedrocan user.  This is part of a study by Norml UK, a cannabis lobby group seeking to get cannabis legalised in the UK. Dutch Joe Find me on facebook too!.... Interview With Medical Marijuana Pioneer Danzig | Dutch Passion.  

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