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Oprah Is More Batshit Insane Than Ever: My Favorite Things AboutOprah’s Favorite Things 2012

Last night, OWN aired a special called Oprah's Favorite Things 2012, in which the former Queen of the Senses/cable mogul ended up giving away a whole bunch of expensive junk to military spouses. The format of the two-hour episode married the behind-the-scenes format Oprah prefers to show herself in on her network and the gifting format of an annual Favorite Things episode of her former talk show. This meant we got to see the entire Favorite Things process from conception to realization.

Oprah said bizarre things in weirder voices the entire time. A highlight reel I assembled is posted above. She sang, she screamed, she bellowed, she said "bumdiggity" more than once, she suggested that artisanal pigs in a blanket were making her high. Sure, O, blame the pigs.

I've never seen her more consistently entertaining. This is the birth of a new holiday classic that I, for one, will be watching every year. Merry Christmas and hugs to.

Click this link to see the video montage!: Television without pretty News, Video and Gossip - Gawker.

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