Sexiest Weed Ever = Berry White

Berry White: Photos and Strain Review

Posted April 3rd, 2012 by Barry Bluntman & filed under Strain of the Day. Oh Berry White, I can’t get enough of your love babe. This salacious and sweet cross between White Widow and Blueberry is as soulfully dank as the pipes of the legendary chanteur its name plays off of. Berry White is an extremely tasty treat that includes the best traits of its parents. That blueish tint and berry smell with a snow white frosting of trichomes acting as the cherry on top of this mint chip sundae. If Barry White and Betty White had kids, do you think they’d be this beautiful? As is the case with most berry based buds, this Berry White tastes like a million bucks. Berry fruity, berry mellow, and berry smooth going down. So don’t you go-a-changing, Berry White–I love you just the way you are. You damn sexy thang you. Featured Berry White comes from Desert Organic, which is currently in stock. via Berry White: Photos and Strain Review |  

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