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I used to call my boyfriend's Penis Godzilla....

Some enterprising Scottish researchers decided to study the sexual appetites of 323 women and discovered, interestingly enough, that size does matter. Women who achieved orgasm did so with more ease if their partner had a penis length of over 5.8 inches. The longer the ding-a-ling, the more stimulation the vagina and the cervix get, the more fun everyone's having. So all that so-called internal anxiety about dick size? Ha ha, it's real. Size matters. Big time. Guess we better cool it with our "size matters" jokes, huh? I mean, since it's a real thing, maybe we shouldn't poke fun at it. Psych! It's a mostly, if not universally, accepted standard that bigger boobs are better than small boobs, so welcome to the club, dudes! Now you, too, can feel like less of a person because of the size of your sex organ. Here, in our club, behind door number one, we have some literature on how to get over your inferiority complex. Then there, behind door number two, we've got videos about how to deal with your genetic shortcomings. And way over yonder, behind door number three, we've got a plastic surgeon waiting to capitalize on your need to have something enlarged. The good news for men, though, is that if you're Italian, Swedish, Greek, or German, you don't really have anything to worry about. Each of those countries has an average penis size of over 5.8 inches. But if you're from the US, UK, Spain, France, or Russia ... your average penis size is under 5.8 (the US is 5.1 inches!), so ... yeah. There's that. Better go ahead and pick your door. Penis Size Really, Really, Truly Matters -- Really | The Stir.

Moscow's largest towering structure, marijuana prices, and where to buy weed in russia


It’s getting hard to keep up with the growing number of “world’s biggest” buildings. After Dubai and Taipei’s short-lived fame, it’s now Moscow’s turn to boast one of these towering structures.

The city is to build a 1500 ft high structure that will accommodate 30,000 residents with room for 900 apartments, 3000 hotel rooms and several cultural and exhibition facilities. At 27 m sq. ft. the floor space promises to be four times bigger than the Pentagon, and the building will be twice as wide as London’s Millennium dome.

Named Crystal Island after its glass facade that resembles cut crystal, the structure will also contain one of Moscow’s largest and highest open spaces, offering terrific views from 980 ft high platforms.

Although critics have already dismissed it as vulgar, Lord Foster – the designer of the building – is ecstatic of the scope of his ambitious project. Crystal Island is slated to be completed in five year’s time.

One expert said the building demonstrates Russia’s “might,” and personifies Moscow’s “boldly thrusting” personality. Does anybody else think the connection between men and fancy sports cars is also true for the buildings they create?


As of 2009, construction has been postponed due to the global economic crisis. Click below to find a Ganja Friendly guide to Moscow: Moscow marijuana prices, and where to buy weed in russia.