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The best hash is scissor hash!!!

Information for the common buyer

In the land of marijuana distribution there are names for all the different variations of sizes associated with the way Ganja is grown then trimmed, and finally sold. Trimming is the act of grooming marijuana from the stem to the buyer. (This entry is composed depicting hydroponic and organically grown high-grade ganja. There are other strains and classes of marijuana. Keepin' it tasty & delicious, for our pleasure with best effects.) You have... Nugs/ buds Perfectly sized bags - Buds that have grown into the perfect size/weight which are then trimmed and distributed as a perfect gram, eighth, quarter bags ect. Perfect gram (1gm) and eighth (3.5gms) pictured below. Perfect Quarter (7gms) pictured below. Then there are the Donkey Dicks Buds. At times these Donkey Dick buds can equate to a perfect Ounce (28gms). [youtube]