A Royal Wedding "Ring"

Sex Toy Team Crafts Royal Wedding 'Ring' for Prince William & Kate Middleton One size fits all. A British sexy toy company has made a very special commemorative wedding ring in honor of Prince William and Catherine Middleton's upcoming nuptials. But this wedding ring adorns an extension of the male body a little farther south of the left hand. Oh, and it vibrates. Wanna pretend you're as fancy and cheeky as the royal family? Have you been following the too-skinny scandal, wedding dress details, and even ordered one of those giant portrait pizzas? Then you're the perfect candidate for this royal blue silicone penis ring designed with a crown-like imprint that feels as good as it looks. (We guess?) Just say, "I do" and press the ON button. Supposedly drafted by professional artists, the Commemorative Royal Wedding Ring is a "classic collectible to cherish" - by stretching it around your cock and balls before railing your own princess into oblivion. Class and poise. It's the royal way. But bad news for us Yanks: It's only available across the pond. Sigh. By Barbie Davenporte Wed., Apr. 27 2011 at 2:47 PM

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