How To Play With His Balls During Sex

I’m a balls girl. I’ve just always felt comfortable hanging out in the ball region. Even when I first started hooking up below-the-belt with guys and all of my friends only did the absolute basics (ie, just focusing on the shaft), I ventured into ball town. I’m not exactly sure why, but it seemed to come naturally to me. (The instinct, that is. Not the balls.) I take full responsibility for converting my three sophomore year roommates into ballers back in college. Until I talked to them about the topic, they had never gone near the guys. You’re welcome, all future hook-ups of those girls! Anyway, my cojones expertise really shined for today’s positions, the Randy Recliner. Unfortunately, D. and I didn’t have access to a poolside recliner (or the desire to get arrested for public indecency at a public New York City pool), but we did come up with a good substitute. We used a lounge chair with the ottoman pushed against it. We started in position but without penetration while D. stimulated me from behind. Then once I was ready, I lifted my hips and he pushed into me. The whole thrusting thing was kinda weird…I sort of just alternated sliding back and forth and bouncing up and down — very, very carefully. And here’s where the ball play comes in… Just like the Kama Sutra claims, it’s a great position for fondling the boys. So while he used his hands to work on me (gotta love manual stimulation during sex!), I used mine to work on him. I gently pulled them away from his body and traced them with a finger tip. (Sometimes I carefully scratch them with my nails or massage them too.) And the result was — I hate to use cheesy similes, but in this case I think it’s necessary — as explosive as fireworks. Seriously, so, so good. I really think the ball TLC had something to do with D.’s enjoyment. His orgasm just seemed so much more intense than usual. I actually watched D.’s toes curl in pleasure. He also kicked his feet and bounced his knees! Totally different view of an orgasm seeing the lower half of a guy’s body! Definitely try it sometime. (And bonus, I didn’t have to feel at all self-conscious about my O-face. I know, I know — I shouldn’t anyway. But I could really let loose without worrying that I looked like I was trying to open a can or something.) Does your guy have any slightly strange movements or faces he makes when he comes? Do you? Are you into playing with a guy’s balls? Any techniques to share? Read more: How To Play With His Balls During Sex - Cosmopolitan

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