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The Low Down on Lindsay Lohan

With what's been coming hot off the press regarding our dear, child to sex siren, actress Lindsay Lohan's beautiful pictorial début in Playboy: BEHOLD an "In the news with Lindsay Lohan" montage! Here's the wanna be Rock 'n Rolla, yet, not so song birds skinny on the lately... Lindsay Lohan’s "Marilyn Monroe-Inspired" Playboy Pictorial To Run in Jan Issue ORIGINAL SHOOT - Hef Did Not Approve...a reshoot was ordered, rightly so, Hugh is THE MAN for good reason. Although it's not hard to see this first shoot was executed terribly.
Lindsay Lohan's "Marilyn Monroe-Inspired" Playboy Pictorial To Run in January Issue [PICS] Hosted by Blog Certified Mr. Hefner proclaimed the second shoot bonafied & sent the spread into production. Not a bad remake, Ms. Lohan. The originator Ms. Marilyn Monroe~ Lindsay Lohan has caused so many heads to spin, someone thought it obligatory to bestow a strain unto her amazing beguiling character. Wednesday, October 12, 2011 source: Medical Marijuana Strain Review: Lindsay Lohan Overview: I guess it was just a matter of time before America's #1 skank Linday Lohan got her own medical marijuana strain, unfortunately, much like the actual person, it is a bit of a disappointment. Looks: Lindsay Lohan is a beautiful strain with short, stubby and super dense light green leaves that are covered in a light frost and plenty of rust-colored hairs that come tangling out of the buds. Taste/Smell: The taste was a little bit hashy and a little bit spicy. Not really a strong flavor here, but not entirely unpleasant. Buzz: Lindsay Lohan has the looks and a fairly decent taste, but the buzz is where it falls short. It made me super lethargic and sleepy. I wasn't good for anything for the rest of the day. Not only did these buds shut my body down, but my mind was also slowed down which is unusual for me because weed usually gets my creative juices flowing and gets me thinking. This strain might be good for insomniacs looking for relief, but I probably wouldn't recommend it for any other medical uses and I have a feeling it could make the symptoms of depression even worse. Overall Grade: C- [youtube] No word has been confirmed as to whether or not Lindsay has penned the possible penis pleaser.... To be continued. WE love you Lindsay!