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L.A. Nu Folk Maven Hosts Silver Lake Dance Parties

Echo Park resident Daiana Feuer is best known for the trend-setting New L.A. Folk Festival and as a music writer. But she's also busy at Los Globos in Silver Lake. By Anthea Raymond Cal Arts grad Daiana Feuer wears many hats as a writer, and a producer of music events around town, including the critically-acclaimed New Los Angeles Folk Fest. The Echo Park resident also hosts a dance club, Fever, a punk and techno-flavored dance night at Los Globos in Silver Lake. The latest version kicks off Friday, May 25 at 9 p.m. It features L.A.'s own Dreamers in a record release party. Click through for more details. We asked Feuer to tell us in her own words how the sometimes loud and often electric FEVER fits into her more acoustic pursuits. Here she is, in her own words: I started the FEVER party series, not because there's any shortage of dance parties in town, but because there needs to be a space for something vital and different to flourish in all its wild weirdness. I want to present music that has an experiential quality that you can't dismiss. I guess I'm a little bit intellectual about it, considering I'm throwing dance parties. But I think there needs to be a place where these abstract notions can thrive in an entertainment setting, and it doesn't have to be presented in an art gallery. For some who know me from The New LA Folk Festival, it may come as a surprise to see me drooling over synths and alien disco, but both these pursuits of mine stem from the same place, the outside, the fringe. I didn't realize I was coming from left field until someone told me that there wasn't an audience for what I was talking about. I was like, no way, this is the future! That's why I love being part of L.A. RECORD, because it nurtures that. It's what Bukowski would puke on, showing his appreciation. That's why the magazine let's me be late on every deadline, because I'm doing something that I care about, and I have a hard time doing anything else. What I'm interested in is experimental and inclusive, and I think it can be for everyone, if they receive it in the right context. I want a 360 degree experience that activates all the senses. So it's about the setting, it's about the music, it's about art and connecting, it's about something that makes you walk away feeling like you won't ever forget you were there. As a child, that attracted me and excited me about music. How you could close your eyes and get swept away by a record, or you could go to a show and just lose all inhibition by the spectacle that you saw before your eyes. As a music journalist, I became a bit disillusioned by the cattle mentality of the industry and the fact that the audience seems lost in the mission of many concerts. It gave me writer's block, it gave me life block. I want to apply myself creatively to making experiences. And doing something that matters whether there's 5 people there or 500 that feel totally engaged by what's going on. Tonight, I'm hosting some of my favorite performers, who really inspired me the first time I saw them. I was like, home! I hope that everyone can find something that awakens the child in their hearts. If it isn't at one of my events, that's ok, too. But I think there's something for everyone, somewhere. source: