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The Twitch

New Zealand winners of 2005 World Battle of the Bands

Famous for their badass three piece sex drugs and rock n roll stylings and notorious for getting kicked out of hotels throughout the country, The Twitch released their second album 'Time For Change' last year. Vocalist and Bassist Fleur Jack spoke to

The Twitch are heading off to Melbourne for our third visit this May. We are always blown away by touring overseas, there's nothing like getting on a plane together and taking your music to new people. For tour dates, pictures, music, videos and a whole lot more, the best place to keep up with The Twitch is on Facebook. What can you never leave home without? Guitar picks and ear plugs. If I'm doing a roadie then I'd never forget to take eye make up remover and toothbrush because The Twitch are always doing all nighters and after 7am I generally look and feel like filth. Who would you most like to support live? Motley Crue!!! How do you come up with your lyrics? All three of us write songs for The Twitch so I can only answer this from my own experience of lyric writing. For me, it's all about life experience, I write what I know. My songs are about love, lust, work, politics, and they're all rather 'sex drugs and rock n roll' in nature too. What is the best part of being a musician? I love touring! I don't get butterflies from performing but I always get them when I jump on a plane or in the tour van. I love playing to people that haven't seen us play before and watching them fall in love with what we do. I love being able to jump around and sing about hings that make me want to party. What is your most embarrassing on tour/gig moment? Once a lady couldn't control herself and ripped off Jesus's pants while he was playing on stage. Luckily this was before he stopped wearing underwear. What rumour would you like to start about The Twitch? Each member of The Twitch has taken part in numerous side projects ranging from country to hard rock. There will be more projects in the near future. source: