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LGBT History Month

October Is LGBT History Month!

Love, Understanding, Peace and Beautiful Life

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Search the entire LGBT History Month database of 186 Icons —from 2006 to 2011—by Icon name or by more than 200 tags including Academy Award, Athlete, African-American,  Author, Composer,  Entrepreneur, Germany, Lesbian, Politics, Transgender and Washington, D.C. Icon Search

How It Works

LGBT History Month celebrates the achievements of 31 lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender Icons. Each day in October, a new LGBT Icon is featured with a video, bio, bibliography, downloadable images and other resources. soure:

Mudita for all living beings

Mudita for all living beings May all beings live and relive their most beautiful moments  And forever maintain the sense of abandonment and affluence they knew.  May all hungry beings remember only the moments of satisfaction.  May all animals have enough food and water, shelter, sex and affection.  May they reincarnate to a better existence very very soon.  May all beings enjoy and know the happiness of their senses.  May all humans know mundane and super mundane blessings.  May all humans enjoy material blessing, relationships, affection, care, protection; May they be able to share their joys and sorrows,  May they remember their beautiful qualities,  May they dwell  In their own kindness,  Their good hearts,  Their moments of selflessness, and May all beings remain forever in their happiest hour. -- Advaharma