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Shouldn't have fucked me so hard

  You give a girl an inch and she'll take the whole's like winding up a toy. That oxytocin and all the other chemicals released take over the natural instinct to run with the herd. Her pupils dilate, sense of smell leads her only back to you, she paces like a lion waiting to pounce and take what she claimed once before. You'd better give it to her, if you know what's good for you. Now add ganja to the mix and you have one uninhibited beast ready to get it and be on her way to other adventures or a second or third round if you're lucky. Prepare yourselves for those second and third rounds, if she's the kind, leaving her without the second and closing acts will only have her searching for another worthy satisfier. One reason to get comfortable masturbating- be prepared for your most worthy playmate(s). Beast gonna getcha.      

Hemp is suppose to be on our planet

"If it wasn't supposed to be here, then the big guy wouldn't have put it here, hemp is supposed to be on earth." ~Willie Nelson