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Today marks the 2 year anniversary of the day I registered 'Ganja Vibes" on Wordpress.


Terrible 2s?

It's been an amazing ride thus far and we haven't even begun.

I originally started this blog to test the name "Ganja Vibes" for the Cannabis themed adult novelty line I am developing and manufacturing, for your pleasure! Luckily, everyone has loved it and what a driving force it has been.

The long road of education + action while I navigate towards success in manufacturing has been amazing. I've met the most inspiring, intelligent, fun and colorful people through this first part of my journey. I'm so grateful to everyone for every experience. Some of my best friends today are the badasses I've met through travel and Canna culture. I LOVE MY PEOPLE!

Thank you for enjoying Ganja Vibes as a community. I always say I feel like a church right now. Selling a dream of breaking down barriers in people's psyche to help create a more excepting environment.

Sex and weed have changed the world as we know it. Positively, in countless ways...

Would we have so much equality now? Would we have the musical history? Would we have the fashion? Would we have the masses that gather for the sake of peace and love? Would we have the unimaginable art?

There's a bigger picture. Through touching everyone by helping them touch themselves and each other, I'm hoping, we will find so much more of all the wonder and intrigue in the world. Legalization, acceptance, more progress for more peace.

Chits about to get weird- er.

Thank you for staying tuned in!



How (& How NOT) to Fondle His Balls -- the Art of Testicle Play - Los Angeles Sex, LA After Dark

  Ladies, if men's balls baffle you, you're not alone. I have no idea what to do with them, and I'm considered an expert in sex. They are so complex and mysterious to me, probably in the same way a female's breasts are to the men reading; no two sets respond, feel or look the same. The male scrotum comes in so many different shapes and sizes -- even on the same guy! Each duo has its own sensitivity preference and pain threshold, so the trick for us chicks is to learn how to handle them without hurting them Approach is everything. Men (should) know not to "drill for oil" when they first go down on a girl. Similarly, when women initially grab ahold of the cojones, we shouldn't yank, pull or squeeze them hard. After practicing on 500-plus pairs, I've learned to start out with barely a tickle and gauge my hand pressure and gestures by my man's response. If the twins start scrunching up, then I know I'm doing a good job. What confuses me, however, is how far do I go and when do I stop? In my never-ending quest for sexual knowledge I decided to turn to my 5,000 friends onFacebook and asked the dudes specifically what they like having done to their sacks, and signs to look for when we females are doing it wrong. I loved the candid and sexy answers that guys posted on my wall, and just like balls and breasts, no two responses were alike. Here's a sampling of what I received:
tungphoto /
A show of hands, please?
Scott: "Before I give an answer... are you grading these?" Kuillian: "I like it complimented. Women need to point out just how extraordinary it is. It's like a designer purse... only smaller and hairier." Alan: "You need to use your tongue on it and get it wet also. Then sort of make a cup out of your hand with the balls resting in your palm and gently, and I mean GENTLY 'milk' the sack while your mouth and other hand are on the cock. You'll know you're doing it right when you get an amazing 'protein facial!!!'" Robert: "Caution: Contents extremely fragile!" JP: "When they suck, don't suck." Magnus: "Well... I can't believe I'm commenting on this! My sack personally doesn't need any special attention. I like the clean up effort Sammy often comments on with the towel, other than that it's really all about the penis. The fuzzy twins are just along for the ride." Alan: "By the way, it is MUCH more pleasurable getting head with my cock and balls shaved. MUCH more enjoyable for my woman, too." Eden: "Just hold it, keep it warm and snuggled while you work the shaft, but don't squeeze or rub, just fondle, please!" Dick: "I agree with Alan!" David: "I could tell you Sammy, but probably easier if I showed you... just sayin." Engels: "A sign that a guy does not like you playing with his balls is a twitch; you will feel them tense up, we're afraid you might go too rough on our balls. Personally, it's not for me." Jenard: "I think the sack area is neglected. It's one of the best erogenous zones! When the woman is on top facing the man, she ought to try reaching around behind her and fondle or lightly touch in a scratch-like motion the scrotum and to apply light massaging pressure on that area between the sack and anal region. That way, she can gage from the look on the guy's face how much he enjoys it! When giving fellatio, it should be a two-handed act! One on the rod, and the other fondling and cupping the sac, again applying light pressure between that sack/anal area. Men are visual! Make sure he sees what you are doing, and if you can maintain eye contact with your partner it will make it even hotter. Being one of those males who is visually stimulated, I have to admit that I am one of those kissers who doesn't close my eyes! I want to remember EVERYTHING and to have that picture of that lovely creature I'm kissing burned into my hard drive." Eden: "See Sammy? It's fondling/cupping/keeping 'em warm." Scot: "Maybe a little graphic for Facebook? But, here goes... after you both cum, filling her up while she's riding on top, afterwards letting all the juices of the moment drain down your cock flooding your sack. She climbs off, and with her soft tongue and warm breath devours the creamy mess while gently stroking your cock hard again." Gil: "You want just straight dudes to answer? Or do you want my two cents?" Cullan: "Well, of course playing with them gently while blowing is obvious... even stroking the shaft with one hand while licking them or sucking them gently in her mouth. Also, while doing it doggy style, I really like when the girl reaches back and plays with my balls." Scottie: "Don't touch 'em, TY." Billy: "Licking underneath it feels good. No pain please." David: "One word. Knitting needles." Eden: "When it hurts I say, 'Be gentle with the giblets."" Jeff: "Nothing, and I usually don't say anything unless what she is doing hurts." Scott: "I find 'No stupid!' works well. Operant conditioning a la B.F. Skinner." Tony: "Well Sam, when I ever get to have sex, I'll let you know." Gary: "All I'm gonna say to any potential article readers is BEWARE of the anus and its surrounding area." Sammy (me): "Gil, I want your two cents! Everyone else, GREAT information!" Gil: "Well. My sack. LUV IT. And after I have cum, I like having my taint serviced. Feels fagtastic. Like I have lips. Good gawd! I'VE SAID TOO MUCH." So here's the take away, girls: Hold them but don't squeeze them, compliment them but ignore them, be gentle but scratch them, suck but don't suck them, fondle but don't rub them -- and in some cases don't even touch them. And then there's the anus, beware of it, but apply slight pressure to it. Still confused? Yeah... me, too. Time to practice! To see more of Sam and The Single Life visit To hear more of Sam and The Single Life visit Follow Sam and The Single Life on Friend Sam on Facebook.
How (& How NOT) to Fondle His Balls -- the Art of Testicle Play - Los Angeles Sex, LA After Dark.  

Question for you...

What do you like to do when you relax? 

Proportionate Body Building

  When sculpting your body into the ideal image you've always dreamt of, remember to focus on the whole picture. Proportionate body building is so important to your over all health and longevity. - Know Your Measurements For Bodybuilding Success.. Be healthy, look good, live long!

Why Do So Many Men Put Sex Before A Relationship?

Why is it that so many gay men put such a strong emphasis on sex before really getting to know a person? While it's flattering to have a man have such strong physical desires to be with you in an intimate manner, I'm not sure it's good to put such an emphasis on sex before really getting to know a person. Intimacy is something that takes time to develop, yet we rush ourselves into this stage by trying to bypass other necessary steps like the building of interdependence between each other, the development of trust, the goal of full disclosure, etc. There's no rule book which states that you must NOT have sex before entering into a relationship but is it really the best idea to do something that some of us might value a bit more than others? Sex is a primal human desire but if you really feel that you care to get to know someone better you should probably be a bit more conscious of your primal desire and put it to the wayside until you feel they are ready for that type of intimacy within the relationship. Some of us desire a sort of intellectual intercourse rather than a physical one. Sex is great and it's important in a relationship but becoming closer with a potential suitor is more important to me personally. Remember that sex is everywhere. You can get it at almost any time of any day. You can devalue it all you want or you can let it devalue you. You can have sex prior to a relationship and probably still have a relationship depending on the synchronicity between the parties involved. You can have sex at any age. You can make the decision to be promiscuous or keep sex more sacred. You can't meet an amazing person any day. You can't build trust with a person instantly. You won't go up to a stranger and give them full disclosure. You won't meet a potential lover every day. You won't get to always share those amazing moments with someone you really care about. You won't always get that person that really wants to know who you are inside and out. When you do meet that person that wants to ask you questions, learn about you, smile at you, be patient with you, compliment you, give you full disclosure, tell you their secrets but not take your clothes off right happy about it. That's a very rare diamond in the rough. -Chris Ryan source: