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Curiosity is a catalyst

Don't shy away when it takes hold of what you think is your "better judgment". Curiosity is SO very healthy. It can help you find the things you love and will cherish forever more. While on the flip side, curiosity can help you realize those things you thought were "just right" for you, are so far from what you could ever begin to want to handle. We live life in interesting times now. Fast times, truly fast times. It's ALL "out there". Tits and ass. Beefs and brawls. With that said, where is the tenderness? Where is the intended love behind our public actions? We are all walking around bumping into each other, acting. When it's all hanging out and when you're playing it cool, because that's what we do you then find happiness, have you? We can't continue to numb ourselves. Connection is what makes life beautiful. Connect with yourself, realize who you are. Experiment with others, be sure it's done out of love and include a little tenderness. With respect to sex, whether you like it dirty, soft, with many or with one person, once or many times- please each other or yourself to the fullest extent necessary. Love yourself, love each other with integrity. Don't be afraid to let curiosity guide you into those circumstances that help you discover yourself. All while fulfilling the basic rule of mutual respect for life and needs. Be kinky, be real, be open, be available- mentally - be present- or just be. Above all be kills that cat in a good way sometimes. ;-}

Lofi Freq

So grateful!



Just want to send a note to everyone. As Ganja Vibes is being built, the toy manufacturing, this blog, the facebook, twitter and so on...WE ARE SO VERY GRATEFUL for all of you who have interest.

Thank you for following, thank you for liking, thank you for staying tuned. It is the fuel which keeps this fire burning and we hope it burns for a long, long time.

We will be releasing images of our first toy of the Ganja Vibes line soon and we can't wait to see what everyone thinks.

At the same time we would like to apologize for not being a more interactive member of the community here. Wanting to reach out and touch base with each and every one of the amazing folks here is our goal. We will soon have more man power to get this accomplished. 

Much love, great respect and cheers!




Weed as a cold, flu & virus deterrent?

When I was a kid, I was sick all the time. Lactose intolerance, colds, viruses and the list goes on. Ever since I took matters into my own hands, I have been without illness but maybe 2 times in almost 2 decades. As the cold & flu season approach, all the advertisements for shots and pretreatment medications begin popping up everywhere. I can't help but be reminded of how I am feeling great! I don't feel as though anything can penetrate my blissful well-being. I attribute it all to my copious cannabis consumption. IF stress is the main cause of most illness, and marijuana helps people to experience OCD with regard to cleaning, what a winning combination to stay in tip-top health! Low/No stress & an immaculate household make for a healthy lifestyle!