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What would Susan Sarandon do...WWSSD!

What would Susan Sarandon do...WWSSD! Susan Sarandon we salute you! Thank you for fighting for our rights and using your celebrity to speak out against injustice.

AVN - The Future is Here: Revolutionary New iPorn Launches

Our friends at IPorn have launched and the future is NOW!

The Future is Here: Revolutionary New iPorn Launches

Service offers full iTunes compatibility for adult movies via proprietary technology

The Future is Here: Revolutionary New iPorn Launches

LOS ANGELES—It's often been said that the adult entertainment industry drives technology. That maxim certainly rang true in the 1980s when porn helped usher in the home video revolution, and it was driven home in the late-'90s and early aughts when porn companies embraced video-on-demand at its inception to bring adult entertainment a brand-new distribution platform.

The adult industry continues to innovate, and perhaps the most progressive product to come down the pike in recent years is the all-new iPorn. Under new ownership, the site aims to do for porn what iTunes did for music.

If you think that's a bold proclamation all you have to do is check out AVN was privy to an exclusive demo of the site and its game-changing technology, and we were blown away by its user-friendly design, utter ease of use and the proprietary technology "under the hood."

The new iPorn team is backed by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs with past successes in mobile media and content delivery along with a few familiar faces from the adult industry—including AVN Award-winning director Joshua (of skinworXXX and Rock Star Entertainment fame) and Jim Crawford of SoCal Licensing, who will exclusively be handling all content licensing.

iPorn uses proprietary technology to optimize adult content that's purchased via its revolutionary VOD platform. Through its proprietary encoder, iPorn users receive a bit-for-bit version of the movie that's identical to the master—one file is optimized for every platform and device. The technology supports full 1080p high-definition on devices that support it as well as high-bit streaming capabilities. Additionally, the site itself is coded in dynamic HTML 5 in order to give users a custom experience no matter what kind of device they use to access the site.

So what's the big deal? How does this all work for consumers, and what differentiates it from any other VOD site out there? The short answer, and one of the site's biggest selling points, is that no other service with premium adult content offers compatibility with Apple's iOS at the same level or ease of use as iPorn.

Upon purchasing an adult movie from iPorn the user receives a download link via email. Once the movie is downloaded and clicked, it opens in iTunes under the dynamically created genre "XXX," where all other future adult purchases will reside. iTunes treats the file like any other purchase—the box cover and all the adult title's metadata (clickable links to the studio, niche, performers, etc.) is there too, making the experience exactly like purchasing any mainstream movie from the iTunes Store directly. From there, the video is accessible via mobile, tablet or desktop. Users also have the option to rent movies, gaining immediate access to a stream from any device.

On iOS mobile devices iPorn purchases can be accessed through Apple's built-in stock video app on iPhone or iPad just like one would access any other previously purchased video content from iTunes. Users also can access their purchased and synced videos through the optimized site on any mobile device.

The "XXX" genre automatically created by iPorn upon the user's first purchase can be controlled easily through Apple's parental controls. This gives parents the ability to restrict access to their adult content on any device.

“In addition to being optimized across all platforms, the technology and brand being introduced today happens to be the best iOS experience that the adult industry has to offer,” Joshua told AVN. "This is a revolutionary product. It gives you an experience on mobile devices, especially iOS, unlike anything you have experienced."

Most of the influential U.S. and European studios currently are vying for prime placement on the platform. Joshua said he expects iPorn to launch with more than 1,000 titles that the user can either purchase to own or stream—all movies on the service will be available for either downloading or streaming, and users can even download or stream individual scenes too.

"One file will play on every single mobile and tablet platform, as well as Mac, PC, Apple TV, Google TV, Roku—you name it," Joshua said. "This is the technology and the site that both fans and producers people have been waiting for for years. You get Blu-ray quality, dot-for-dot pixel accuracy to the master, at a file size that's excellent for downloading or streaming. iPorn is the future of our business, and I think a way to save our business as well."

Joshua said that he expects iPorn Beta to launch soon, with a full launch slated for spring.

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AVN - The Future is Here: Revolutionary New iPorn Launches.

Is marijuana a potential cure for cancer?

  By  | September 21, 2012, 4:39 AM PDT   An extraordinary discovery may someday give the controversial notion of “medical marijuana” a potent new meaning. Turns out that the recreationally popular cannabis plant contains compounds that could stop and even reverse the growth of various aggressive forms of cancer. The finding, initially reported in 2007, may lead to the development of an effective treatment without toxic side effects. Since the late 80’s, researchers have investigated the possibility that marijuana may possess anti-tumor properties. It began after a biologist in Madrid noticed that exposing brain cancer cells to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical responsible for that sensation of being “high,” caused them to die. Follow-up studies conducted at Harvard University confirmed that injections of THC and other compounds known as “cannabinoids” lead to a positive outcome, both slowing down tumor growth by killing cancer cells while leaving healthy cells virtually unscathed. Now a pair of scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco are hoping to take what has been years of promising research a step further. Dr. Pierre Desprez in collaboration with his research partner Sean McAllister found that the compounds halted the spread of cancer cells by disabling ID-1, a gene shown to be a mechanism for the kind of rapid metastasis common in aggressive types of cancer such as lung and brain cancer. After a series of lab tests using a non-psychoactive chemical extract called Cannabidiol to treat malignant human breast cells in mice, the researchers hope to develop a pill that can demonstrate efficacy in human clinical trials. It took us about 20 years of research to figure this out, but we are very excited,” Desprez, told the Huffington Post. “We want to get started with trials as soon as possible.” The researchers hope to develop a safe drug that, at the very least, can be integrated into a patient’s treatment program and help to lessen the toxic effects of conventional therapies such as chemotherapy. Another advantage is that as a non-psychoactive chemical, CBD wont produce any mind-altering effects and, in case you’re wondering, it won’t leave the door open for those who want to inhale it. “We used injections in the animal testing and are also testing pills,”  Desprez  said. “But you could never get enough Cannabidiol for it to be effective just from smoking.”  

Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers

  A pair of scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco has found that a compound derived from marijuana could stop metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer, potentially altering the fatality of the disease forever. "It took us about 20 years of research to figure this out, but we are very excited," said Pierre Desprez, one of the scientists behind the discovery, to The Huffington Post. "We want to get started with trials as soon as possible." The Daily Beast first reported on the finding, which has already undergone both laboratory and animal testing, and is awaiting permission for clinical trials in humans. Desprez, a molecular biologist, spent decades studying ID-1, the gene that causes cancer to spread. Meanwhile, fellow researcher Sean McAllister was studying the effects of Cannabidiol, or CBD, a non-toxic, non-psychoactive chemical compound found in the cannabis plant. Finally, the pair collaborated, combining CBD and cells containing high levels of ID-1 in a petri dish. "What we found was that his Cannabidiol could essentially 'turn off' the ID-1," Desprez told HuffPost. The cells stopped spreading and returned to normal. "We likely would not have found this on our own," he added. "That's why collaboration is so essential to scientific discovery." Desprez and McAllister first published a paper about the finding in 2007. Since then, their team has found that CBD works both in the lab and in animals. And now, they've found even more good news. "We started by researching breast cancer," said Desprez. "But now we've found that Cannabidiol works with many kinds of aggressive cancers--brain, prostate--any kind in which these high levels of ID-1 are present." Desprez hopes that clinical trials will begin immediately. "We've found no toxicity in the animals we've tested, and Cannabidiol is already used in humans for a variety of other ailments," he said. Indeed, the compound is used to relieve anxiety and nausea, and, since it is non-psychoactive, does not cause the "high" associated with THC. While marijuana advocates will surely praise the discovery, Desprez explained that it's not so easy as just lighting up. "We used injections in the animal testing and are also testing pills," he said. "But you could never get enough Cannabidiol for it to be effective just from smoking." Furthermore, the team has started synthesizing the compound in the lab instead of using the plant in an effort to make it more potent. "It's a common practice," explained Desprez. "But hopefully it will also keep us clear of any obstacles while seeking approval." Marijuana And Cancer: Scientists Find Cannabis Compound Stops Metastasis In Aggressive Cancers.  

Eric Shevin, Attorney at Law

MEDICAL MARIJUANA EXPERTISE Mr. Shevin represents clients exclusively in the area of State and Federal criminal law with a focus on marijuana and drug cases. Mr. Shevin’s practice also represents clients in matters dealing with medical marijuana business formation and corporate representation. Presently, Mr. Shevin teaches a course on Medical Marijuana Laws to the Los Angeles County Judiciary, provides continuing legal education on Medical Marijuana Laws for the National Business Institute and teaches at the NACDL Advanced Criminal Law Seminar in Aspen, Colorado. Mr. Shevin represents individuals nationally and has won significant victories for his clients in Hawaii, Louisiana, North Carolina, Utah, Arkansas, Missouri, Ohio, New York, Nevada, Texas and Tennessee. Mr. Shevin has been featured and/or quoted in more than 25 articles and news stories including the following media outlets: Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles Daily Journal, ABC News, CBS News, MSNBC, Newshour with Jim Lehrer, Huffington Post, National Public Radio, Hartford Courant, Orange County Register, The 420 Times, West Coast Leaf, Marijuana Anti Prohibition Project, Press Enterprise, Metropolitan News Enterprise, Hemp Evolution, The Compassion Club, Cannabis News, The Medical Marijuana Magazine, The Marijuana News, OC Weekly and High Times Freedom Fighter of the month. Boy did I find all kinds of interesting case work while googling Mr. Shevin. He seems to have seen it all and then some. I hope we become friends and only friends.