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Ganja Vibes™ Mary Jane Vibrator™ NASA grade design

CreatorsGanja Vibes™ first concepts were originally designed by the great industrial designer Carl Conlee.

These photographs are from the morning we poured up the very first Mary Jane Vibrator™ prototype. It's a dirty job all around, but somebody's gotta do it.

Carl had worked as an industrial designer for NASA many years when I contracted him to help. Now that he's not, we may officially say....Ganja Vibes™ Mary Jane Vibrator™ is in fact, NASA grade design! 

Creators - Heather and Carl










  It's a dirty job but someone has got to do it.  Research & Development


Do you actually make sex toys?


Crocodile Creep

The launch of 'Ganja Vibes' brand adult novelty is right around the corner. I get asked from time to time IF I actually make sex toys. The answer is, "YES, yes I do. Come over for a tupperware party and I'll show you what is in store after you sign a non disclosure agreement". What I have conceived is a totally new concept, a niche in the adult novelty market. You won't find pictures of the upcoming designs. Not even after I was granted my patent(s) was I inclined to give these designs away. Which is what happens when you release your art and it's not ready for sale through your manufacturing resources. Manufacturing every day items, all the things you see and use without thinking even a straw for instance, these items go through many stages. Conception, research & development, design, prototyping, testing, redesigning, sourcing, art direction, sourcing certifiable manufacturing resources abroad, language barriers, importing/exporting and the list goes on. This all takes time. I started Ganja Vibes because I absolutely love Cannabis. I love the lifestyle, I love the people, I love the opportunities. I love the smell, taste and effects of well grown marijuana plants. I love the ultimate results of very little to no negative impact, down side or challenge presented against the morals and ethics associated with being involved with Cannabis as a product produced and offered for sale organically, when the players respect the game. I love all the aspects about Cannabis that the government has not and will not be able to tarnish. Cannabis had been pigeon holed into counter culture realms because of it's illegal status. Drug culture has always intertwined with sex culture. So it was surprising that I was never able to find anything fun and sexy to infuse into my wild life unfolding. I have spent the last couple of years branching out, networking, designing, auditing conventions & events, failing, winning, LEARNING- using every resource that presents itself to dig deeper into what I want. I have had people come, stay and go from my team who have done amazing work, 3 manufacturers in China in pocket to date, networked Ganja Vibes into knowing & interacting with major players in adult novelty & public cannabis platforms nationally and internationally. All this has kept me busy while biding my time working out the manufacturing side of 'what is' Ganja Vibes. Our latest big move, the transferring of our molds to a badass manufacturer with over 25 years experience in sex toy manufacturing and everything we could ever imagine to find success in the adult novelty market, has our back end coming full circle. The Cannabis and Adult novelty industry move fast. If you have a great product someone will copy & sell it. One of the biggest challenges faced by companies that create a product in demand is meeting said demand. As much as I would have liked to produce and sell the earlier designs, I was not ready to overcome the obstacles that were presented prior to our latest alliance. The Mary Jane Vibrator is on it's way. Designed by myself and one of my best friends, Chip, who was an industrial engineer for NASA at the time we collaborated. Not only is the Mary Jane Vibrator Nasa grade design but it's made for cannabis enthusiasts BY freaky ass cannabis enthusiasts. As the line grows, my focus remains on multi-functional play toys that invoke the spirit of curiosity and light the fires of experimentation while lovingly leading you to ecstasy found in places unknown. While you light your bowls, dabs, spliffs or what have you alongside. These toys are meant for personal use of course, but partner play is really where I was hoping they'd be utilized most. I have designed items that look fun, aren't overly girly, have multi-applications and above all scream WEED! Get ready to get high and get off. Play with each other, be wild, be free, be kinky! love, HeatherB  

Tips For Bringing Your Sex Toy & Your Real Boy Together


If you are only spending time with your B.O.B when your real live boyfriend isn’t around then you are both missing out! There are studies that show that not only do most women need sex toys during foreplay to get their happy ending but they also show that sex toys can help with a man’s orgasm as well. Here are some tips on how to bring your B.O.B. and your BF together.

1. How to bring up using a sex toy in bed with your boyfriend without making him feel inadequate:

Since sex toys appear everywhere from TV shows like House of Lies to your local CVS you can use that to your advantage. Bring it up like something you saw one TV. If you bring it up like something you saw and wanted to try out, its simply curiosity and not a replacement of him or judgment of his skills.

2. Hook and line now for the sinker: Ok so you got him to say yes, now what? Your best bet is to suggest a sex shop to go to together. Make a sexy day trip of it. If he isn’t comfortable going to a sex shop then you could always go online and shop like that. 3. A little for me a little for you? Sometimes guys can be uncomfortable with you using a sex toy on them. That is something you want to discuss prior to getting down to business that way in the throws of passion you don’t cross a line you didn’t know was there.  But remember if you are using condoms with your significant other than if kind of defeats the purpose if you then use sex toys on each other with no protection on the sex toy. I know it sounds weird but you can apply condoms to sex toys as well. 4. My vibrator feels more normal to me than my boyfriend: There haven’t been any studies as of yet saying that you will become desensitized to the real thing by using your vibrator or sex toy too often. Women do become less sensitive the older they get but less sensitivity isn’t linked to poorer sex over time. Don’t you worry your little heart!

Your hand is good, the 'Ganja Vibes Spanker' is better

We are fielding quotes for toy #2 coming off the press for Ganja Vibes Adult Novelty line. This one is sure to leave an impression.


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Celebrity Sex Toy Connections

By Cory Silverberg, Guide Updated September 04, 2011 Health's Disease and Condition content is reviewed by the Medical Review Board It may seem like the life of a celebrity is enviable. But there are many ways in which being a celebrity sucks. One of them is a lack of sexual privacy or respect. Not that all celebrities act in a way that suggests they want or deserve to be respected, but even those who do can be unfairly outed for their sexual interests. Since I take a strict do-no-harm approach to sex education, far be it from me to participate in the non consensual outing of celebrities sex toy interests. As such, the following list of celebrity sex toy connections only includes those that are revealed by said celebrity. Guilt free fluff. If you have a connection to add, let me know. Real Sex Toys from Real Housewives In the tangled web of reality television self-promotion it's hard to know what comes first, the cry for attention/marketing ploy or the interest from the entertainment media and TV watching public. It's not that Kandi Burruss hadn't already achieved some fame as a singer before she joined the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but she credits sexpert and sex toy spokesmodel Laura Berman with the idea for having her own line of sex toys. It's kind of nether-world celebrity sex toy connection, not particularly salacious, and not particularly famous either. The good news is that her toys, called Bedroom Kandi, are being made by the folks at OhMiBod which means you can expect Kandi's toys to be of better quality and better design than those of her inspiration. Lady Gaga Inspired by Adult Store It's no specific product endorsement, and maybe she says this to all the cities she tours, but in Charlotte, NC Lady Gaga professed her admiration for XXX stores, particularly their porn selection, which she explained was much more fun than the porn stores in New York (she finds those boring). She was inspired enough by the adult stores she passed on the highway, that they will apparently feature in a new song. Minutes after this Youtube video as uploaded, legions of porn publicists began figuring out ways to use Lady Gaga's name in their next release for Clam Lappers Volume #162. Mark Twain’s Vibrator In 2010, one hundred years after his death, the first volume of Mark Twain’s autobiography will be published. Given that he was by many accounts a “sexual man” it is perhaps not unfitting that one of the first teasers about the text revealed that Twain owned, used, and recommended to friends, the Arnold Electric massager, known these days as an electric vibrator. Too Young for Vibrators? When 16-year-old Taylor Momsen, one of the stars of Gossip Girl revealed in an interview that she isn't dating and considers her vibrator her best friend, it provided at least a few days of meaningly blog fodder. Some were offended, others were offended at the offense, and everyone took the opportunity to make at least one disparaging comment about a 16 year old girl. Momsen didn't identify her preference in sex toys, but the idea of teens using vibrators does have the Oprah seal of approval and I most of the outraged folks didn't seem to care about that revelation. It's interesting that for all the hand-wringing and moralizing about her age, the response to her revelation wasn't that different than the response to stars who are over 16 talking about their vibrators. Martha’s Massager After getting released from prison Martha Stewart began doing more media to take back some of the attention she lost while locked up. In one memorable appearance (not surprisingly on the Howard Stern show) Martha gave a shout out to her favorite vibrator. Suitable for such a powerful woman, she loves The Thumper, which is used by physiotherapists and body workers, but according to Martha is also very handy for sex. Halle Berry’s Embrace She didn’t get specific on product, but Halle Berry has a sex shop review for you. Responding to a question about sexuality when you’re single, Berry wisely suggests that one shouldn’t rule out sex just because one doesn’t have a partner, “...that's not good. You can still embrace your body by going to the gym or going to The Pleasure Chest." Tracy Morgan’s Emotions So as it turns out, Tracy Morgan DID run into a Babeland sex shop in SoHo and shout “do you have any Motion Lotion?”. For the uninitiated, Motion Lotion (which is actually a rip off of the original Emotion Lotion) is a sickly sweet flavored warming liquid. Most of the formulations are not condom compatible, making me worry a bit about Morgan’s other supposed purchase. Eva Longoria’s Best Friend's Best Friend There was a media moment where Eva Longoria kept speaking out publicly about sex. It was surprisingly refreshing (at least most of it) but then apparently publicists and marketers decided it was too much. But not before Longoria made several pitches for the benefits of rabbit vibrators. Lamenting that she didn’t discover the joys of sex toys sooner (because they add to an overall healthy sex life which includes solo and partner sex, she adds) Longoria cryptically revealed that when she gives her girlfriends vibrators “they scream”. A Christmas Gift from Debbie Reynolds In Wishful Drinking Carrie Fisher describes receiving a vibrator from her mother as a Christmas gift when she was fifteen. Her mom, Debbie Reynolds apparently also gave a vibrator to her mother that year. In theory not a bad gift, but if it was left under the tree it’s also not the most respectful way to support your daughter (and mother’s) sexual exploration. Dave Stewart Rocks a Vibe Leave it to legendary musician and record producer Dave Stewart to take sex toys seriously enough to use is power, fame, and creativity, to create a vibrator of his own. The former Eurythmic teamed up with Jimmyjane to create a signature edition of their Little Something vibrators and released an accompanying song, “Let’s Do It Again”. 50 Cent Vibrator Worth More Than 50 Cents Well before Dave Stewart penned a song to go with a vibrator, 50 Cent promised a personally endorsed vibe. This was back in 2005, and no word on the progress of the 50 Cent vibe, but unlike some celebrity endorsed sex toys, at least 50 had a hand in the design. he likes blue, so it's going to be blue. High School Musical Sex Shop Whether they want to remembered for their trip to this Los Angeles area sex shop or not, then High School Musical stars Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens willingly documented their visit via a few fan pictures taken next to the "Lovin' Lamb Party Sheep" and bulk packaged penis stir sticks. With great stores like Pleasure Chest and Coco de Mer, I'm not sure why they chose this place, but maybe their love for cheese overwhelms their taste in sex toys.

Missy Elliott

Missy Elliott also turns to sex aides to satisfy her needs, "My vibrator keeps me happy for now... the butterfly is my favorite - it's out of this world." Missy's even wrote a song celebrating the wonders of vibrators called "Toyz", which contains the lyrics "I gotta bag full of toys and I don't need none of your boys! The butterfly is her favorite, FOR NOW. "